No More Strays, Inc

We all know there are countless animals abused everyday.  I wanted a section where you could come and see something that brightens your day.  Our organization is here to make a difference.  We will be raising money for no kill shelters and animals that we know can and will be adopted from high kill shelters.  We will not be in the practice of just writing checks to write them.  We want to make sure the money that is donated is going towards saving adoptable animals. 

While we do focus on domestic animals, in no way does it mean we do not help other animals in peril.  Once we get established, and can expand our company, we plan on working with Circus animals, Seals, farm animals and any other animal that needs our help.

In the mean time this section will have a great story of animals or people with animals that should brighten your day as much as it does ours.